CAA Pilot Medical Declaration update

Following Governments publication of SI/2021-10 permitting the use of medical declarations by SPL holders, the CAA has chosen to modify its Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD) criteria.

You can read more about the CAA PMD here.

While the BGA has of course long sought and is highly supportive of the UK Governments decision to widen the scope of PMD use to UK SPL holders, we are concerned that the following statement has been made by the CAA GA Unit – “holders of a Part-SFCL SPL can if they wish make a pilot medical declaration (PMD) in accordance with the <5700kg criteria. Under the current terms of UK law, the <2000kg criteria cannot be used by those licence holders.”

Of course SPL pilots should be able to declare to the <2000kg limit; the aircraft they fly are <2000kg. The BGA is challenging the CAA’s approach to this important issue. Further information will be supplied as and when it becomes available.