AAIB report SB5E G-DEJH on 7th August 2019

The recently published AAIB report details an accident to SB-5E sailplane G-DEJH, that resulted from an extremely rare in-flight structural failure. We thank the AAIB for their efforts, as well as the BGA subject matter experts who supported the AAIB in their work. We are delighted that the pilot involved has flown again following a period of recovery.

During the investigation, several non-contributory lapses in good practices were observed. The BGA took immediate action to address the likelihood of re-occurrence by establishing additional practical guidance for pilots and clubs, including that relating to the supervision of pilots of all ages. That guidance has been published online and widely promoted among all gliding clubs, pilots and instructors.

The BGA is committed to safe practices with the objective of facilitating a sport gliding environment where the levels of risk are as low as reasonably practicable, and with particular emphasis on ensuring no risk to third parties from gliding activity.

You can read more at https://members.gliding.co.uk/bga-safety-management/