VHF Low Level Common Frequency Trial

With an increasing trend of Airprox between military and civilian users in the Low Flying System,  the CAA is supporting a military led trial of a VHF Low-Level (LL) Common frequency to be used across the UK so members of the GA community can be better integrated with other users of low level airspace and to help build situational awareness for all users. In 2015, a similar trial was carried out in Scotland, which proved to be very successful.

The trial ‘VHF LL Common’ will launch from 1 June 2021 to 1 June 2022, as an information service on the VHF Frequency 130.490.  It is available for use by all aircrew, military and civilian, operating at or below 2000’ Above Ground Level in the UK Low Flying System.

Full details are available on the CAA website here.

There is an email address for any comments or feedback on the trial at lowlevelfrequencytrial@caa.co.uk