Funding a sustainable future

Following the BGA Club Management Conference in 2018, a study was initiated to determine if a major sponsor could be attracted to support the development of the sport of gliding throughout the UK. This has made considerable progress and a full report will be in the September/October S&G. An interim conclusion is that the goal of £250,000 annually and a minimum of £1,250,000 over five years, is attainable. It proposes a radically different approach to previous attempts to get external money into gliding which will need the active support of a significant number of BGA Clubs and members to deliver.

The intention is to run the broadly based project, to support British gliding as a whole, until the 2030 Centenary of the founding of the BGA. It is planned to formally commence with WWGC2022 (the Women’s World Gliding Championship) in August 2022 then other local, National, European and International opportunities to raise public awareness of the sponsor, BGA clubs and gliding over the following eight years.

To move the project forward the BGA needs assistance with three things:-

  1. a number of clubs with existing websites willing to explore the possibility of achieving this goal;
  2. technical expertise from one or two technically proficient members willing to assist clubs interlink their websites and their respective members’ social media; and
  3. 5-10 members who are regularly active on social media sites and willing to explore how to maximise their combined total of daily unique visits.

To consider offering such assistance please see the S&G article or contact Richard Brickwood through the BGA office for fuller details.