Announcing the Result of the WGC 2022 Team Vote for 18m and Open Classes

The votes to select the 18m and Open Class Teams to represent Britain at the 37th World Gliding Championships at Matkopuszta in Hungary in 2022 have now been completed. The results are as follows:

18m Class  
Position Pilot
1 Philip Jones
2 Derren Francis
3 Andrew Davis
4 Peter Harvey
5 Leigh Wells
6 Russell Cheetham


Open Class  
Position Pilot
1 Andrew Davis
2 Russell Cheetham
3 Peter Harvey
4 Steve Jones
5 Tim Jenkinson
6 Ian MacArthur

The vote for the 20m Multi-Seat Class closes on 3rd October. The result of that vote will be published during the following week.

If you have any query about the vote, please email