Junior Gliding

Subject to completing the required training, a glider pilot can fly solo at age 14. The minimum age to become a qualified glider pilot is 16. All young people can benefit from support in gliding and so the BGA has a fairly relaxed definition of ‘Junior’ – Junior gliding benefits and support apply to anyone up to 25 years old. UKJuniorGliding is a self-sufficient group of Junior and former Junior pilots who provide support and produce excellent resources to help other junior pilots. They also organise some great events each year, including the legendary Winter Series.

To help clubs provide a safe and supportive environment at clubs that will help foster Junior Gliding activity, there is a well-established network of BGA accredited Junior Gliding Centres (JGC). The BGA has appointed a JGC Support Officer, Yvonne Elliott, who is visiting gliding clubs to provide on-site supportive guidance to existing and potential new Junior Gliding Centres. Yvonne works closely with Liz Pike, the Junior Gliding co-ordinator & administrator.

You can read more about Junior Gliding Centre accreditation here.

Yvonne and Liz can be contacted via the BGA Office.