Keevil airfield ACP

The RAFGSA Bannerdown Gliding Club operates at Keevil airfield and co-ordinates its activities with those of the MoD airfield owner/operator. The airfield is also used for gliding competitions. As military operational use of the airfield winds down, the future of the airfield and its continued use for gliding could be assured as the MoD intends to establish Watchkeeper BVLOS operations at Keevil airfield, noting that “the long-term output from Keevil Airfield is anticipated to provide a bespoke location to train, generate and enhance RPAS capability whilst supporting essential wider military training on Salisbury Plain.”

The MoD has recently started an airspace change process to establish a danger area at Keevil airfield, which follows experience of a Temporary Danger Area and 21 RPAS flights during summer 2021. The BGA airspace committee is engaging with the ACP, which is currently at the design principles stage.

You can view the ACP here.