UK-SFCL requirement delayed by 24 months

The Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) is a lifetime, non-expiring ICAO compliant licence (ICAO compliance depends on the pilot holding a Class 2 medical) that protects pilots existing privileges, provides new privileges, and can be obtained from the BGA by converting from BGA qualifications.

The UK CAA is carrying out a two year review of recreational aviation licences with the aim of simplification; for example, while there is one type of sailplane licence available (the SPL), there are four types of aeroplane licence currently available, which results in complexity. In light of the review, it has been decided to delay the requirement to comply with UK-SFCL by two years. So pilots of Part-21 sailplanes are currently exempt from the requirement to hold an SPL to fly Part-21 sailplanes until 8th December 2023 (The Aviation Safety (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2021 Chapter 8 plus the associated ORS4 1518 exemption apply).

Meanwhile, as previously reported, BGA pilot and instructor certification requirements continue to apply to pilots of Part-21 and non-Part 21 sailplanes, including those learning to glide.