New BGA inspectors

Since October 2020, EU-regulation and subsequently UK retained EU-regulation requires those certifying Part-21 sailplanes to hold a Part-66L licence. The BGA worked with inspectors and the CAA to ensure that all existing inspectors were able to obtain a licence based on existing privileges and thereby continue to certify Part-21 sailplanes, powered sailplanes, TMG’s and tug aircraft as they always have under Part M and more recently Part-ML.

The Part-66L qualifying requirement for new inspectors includes theoretical knowledge testing. To date, the CAA has been unable to provide an accessible examination facility whilst continuing to apply the examination requirement and therefore a 1 year+ gap has been created where no person has qualified. As soon as the CAA provide a start date for theoretical knowledge online examination for new applicants, the BGA will provide full details.

Meanwhile, any individual who wishes to become a BGA inspector is strongly encouraged to continue to develop their relevant experience and knowledge.

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