Press release from the GA Airspace Fighting Fund Ltd

The GA Airspace Fighting Fund Ltd was set up in response to the numerous airspace grabs being activated via the UK airspace change proposal (ACP) process. It was (and remains) clear that the UK GA movement requires funds to ensure our voice is heard and that wherever possible, a fair, proportionate and safe design for future airspace is determined.

To that end, many GA pilots generously donated to the GA Airspace Fighting Fund after its call for help. The creators of the fund desired its status as a trust, but the time, complexity and cost of doing so was deemed counter productive at the time. We wanted the donations to actively support the individual groups engaging with the specific airspace proposals local to them, not the nugatory cost of governance and administration.

In parallel, a group of key GA industry figures was working on a longer term strategy to support GA airspace work and we are grateful that the Airspace4All Trust was ratified in 2021, with support from the UK Government.

As the A4A Trust developed, it was clear that funds from the GA community itself would form a key component in its formation and acceptance by official channels. The GA Fighting Fund donations fit the bill precisely and we agreed that the funds could be donated from GA Fighting Fund to the A4A trust, underpinning the work of the trust, fulfilling the government requirement of GA helping itself, and most important, fulfilling the spirit of those individual donations to the fund to actively support the GA voice in UK airspace development.

The overseers of the GA Fighting Fund Ltd are assured the transfer of funds (£9607) will be used to further the intended aims and we are confident the A4A Trust is the correct and appropriate body for all the funds within GA Fighting Fund Ltd for the future. Once all funds are transferred, the company will cease trading as an airspace related business.

We thank those in the GA community who supported us and continue to support the Airspace4All Trust. If you have any questions please refer to GA Fighting Fund director, Peter Harvey, at