From throttle to thermal! Powered pilot learns to glide…

‘Flight Deck Wingman’, Lasham Gliding Society and the BGA have collaborated with ‘Plane Old Ben’ to deliver a series of youtube videos tracking the progress of an aeroplane pilot from first glider flight through to solo. These high quality videos are entertaining and instructive. Please share this news item with your friends – particularly if they fly aeroplanes!

Episode 1 is here – Glider differences training

Episode 2 – Glider circuit training

Episode 3 – First K21 lesson

Episode 4 – more content will be posted soon!

Want to hear more about how much fun gliding is after flying aeroplanes for years? Paul Bonhomme , the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Champion will be speaking about why he loves gliding at the BGA Conference on 12th February!