Use of specified non-transponder areas above FL100

In 2012 the BGA negotiated a number of specified non-transponder areas above FL100. These are detailed as exceptions in the UK AIP under ENR 1.1 and 5.2.

Following expiry of a related exemption regarding transponder equipage and use above FL100, the CAA has advised the BGA that no exemption or permission is required for non-transponder high altitude glider flights in these ongoing specified areas published as exceptions in the AIP, based on the current rules and notified airspace.

All pilots who utilise these specified, published non-transponder areas must ensure that they are familiar with the detail of the exceptions, familiar with related local airspace use agreements, and understand the need for the pilot in command to obtain the permission of the appropriate air traffic control unit to fly within airspace notified as Class C or D airspace and complies with any instructions given by the air traffic control unit.

The detail of the updated CAA guidance is described under ‘Transponder requirement above FL100’ here.