Adding microlight privileges to an aeroplane licence

Pilots who fly what are deemed to be microlight aircraft in the new sub-600kg category such as a factory built Eurofox aircraft in the UK require a pilot licence with microlight privileges.

The ANO and related CAA CAPs are tricky to navigate. The following information re adding microlight privileges to an existing aeroplane licence has been confirmed as accurate. For a PPL(A) or LAPL(A) holder with SEP privileges, the licensing requirement is microlight differences training signed in the pilots logbook. For an NPPL holder with SSEA privileges, the licensing requirement is to add a microlight class rating via a technical theoretical knowledge exam and a skills test. Sailplane towing training can be carried out in a factory built Eurofox providing the instructor and licenced pilot under training hold microlight privileges.

The disproportionate ANO requirement applicable to an NPPL SSEA holder who chooses to fly a factory built version of the same aeroplane that can be flown using an SSEA class rating is recognised and is being challenged.

Our colleagues at the British Microlight Aircraft Association have published helpful detail.