CAA exemption – use of EASA Form 1 by ELA1 Aircraft

As previously reported, following the UK’s exit from the EU and EASA, maintained, repaired or overhauled parts with EASA Form 1’s from maintenance companies that do not hold UK approvals are not approved for use on UK registered aircraft.

The BGA is working with the CAA to establish a compliant way forward that addresses an imminent shortage of certified parts that are maintained, repaired or overhauled by non-UK organisations, eg release hooks maintained by Tost. As an interim measure, the CAA has published a temporary exemption to approve components released on an EASA Form 1 to be installed in an ELA1 aircraft.  Part 21 sailplanes are of course ELA1 aircraft.

It should be noted that this exemption only applies to maintained, repaired or overhauled components sourced from non-UK maintenance organisations. Newly manufactured components from non-UK production organisations are covered by the aviation safety section of the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). EASA Form 1s issued by EU approved production organisations can be accepted and recognised in the UK on an ongoing basis and are therefore not covered by this general exemption.

The CAA exemption can be viewed here.

This item and other detail relating to changes following leaving the EU and EASA are available here.