CAA completes its review into the Cotswold Region’s airspace

CAA has published their final report on their findings following their review of airspace in the Cotswold Region and have announced which volumes of airspace the process will seek to amend, as well as other activities to improve UK airspace as a result of their review, which is an add-on to the original concept. The Cotswold region airspace review is the first of several such reviews.

Readers should note that the review (CAP 1991) filters resulted in a significant amount of airspace being out of scope, eg airspace subject to a recent or current ACP and airspace that could have an impact on military operations. The review report notes that the CAA final airspace amendment plan is:

Daventry CTA 6. This volume will be taken forward to the amend phase of (the CAA) process.
Volumes where positive changes can be made via another mechanism:
RAF Lyneham ATZ. This will be disestablished and removed from the AIP.
Restricted Areas: R154 / R155 / R322. These will disestablished via a CAP 1616 Level 0 airspace change.
Areas of Intense Air Activity (AIAAs): CAA has passed their findings to the Off Route Airspace Team within CAA Airspace Regulation who will instigate a UK review.

The BGA welcomes the efforts made by the CAA review team and looks forward to seeing progress with the reported changes as well as the additional review work identified within the CAA report as the responsibility of various CAA and MoD working groups.