GA Pilot Licensing & Training Simplification Phase 1 Consultation Response Document

Following their GA Pilot Licensing and Training Simplification Phase 1 Consultation, the CAA has published their Consultation Response Document CAP2532.

The response document includes two decisions relating to sailplanes:

– The CAA ‘will proceed with the previous decision to finalise implementation of the UK Part-SFCL regulations for all operations in Part-21 gliders. The statutory deadline to implement this will be revised to September 2025’.

– The CAA ‘will undertake discussions in Phase 2 exploring any required changes to the requirements in the existing UK Part-SFCL regulations. This is with a view to amending the UK Part-SFCL provisions and requirements accordingly, for consultation in late-2023/early-2024 towards legislative changes implemented by spring 2025’.

Once the Statutory Instrument has been published (expected mid-23) confirming the detail and revised date of September 2025, the BGA will update its published information.