Becoming a Junior Gliding Centre

The BGA needs to ensure that all clubs it accredits as BGA Junior Gliding Centres have certain support systems in place and offer activities to encourage pilots under the age of 25, at a preferential price. There is a list of requirements, which is based on Sport England’s ‘Clubmark’ system. Most aspects of this should already be in place at your club and the list is not designed to be onerous. The accreditation system recognises that no two gliding clubs are the same, providing richness in the variety of gliding available in the UK, but does aim to ensure that all BGA Junior Gliding Centres offer a minimum standard of gliding facilities for junior glider pilots.

Clubs wishing to become a Junior Gliding Centre should email the BGA Junior Gliding Co-Ordinator, Lizzie Pike, who will guide you through the process. Additional support will be provided by Lizzie Pike, Junior Gliding Administrator. The BGA Child Protection Lead, Karon Matten is on hand to provide specific information and help with Child Protection issues.

This section of the web site contains a number of resources to help you apply for Junior Gliding Centre status and to develop this side of your operation once accepted.

The following documents will help you ensure that you have all the correct procedures in place:

BGA Junior Gliding Centre Requirements
Junior Gliding Centre Checklist

The following documents are provided to give you a head start in meeting the requirements. You can use as they stand or you can modify them to meet your own needs as appropriate:

BGA Child Protection Policy & Procedures
Club Child Protection Policy – England & Wales
Club Child Protection Policy – Scotland
Club Child Protection Policy – Northern Ireland
Code of Conduct for Members
Code of Conduct for Club Officers with Juniors
Code of Conduct for Junior Members
Code of Conduct for Parents & Carers
BGA Full Membership Form (updated July 2011)

BGA Temporary Membership Form (updated July 2011)
Club Equity & Equal Opportunities Policy