EASA FI and Examiner Refresher Seminars

The revalidation and renewal requirements for EASA FCL FI(S) are summarised here. One of the options is to attend an instructor refresher seminar. Sailplane examiners are also required to attend a seperate examiner refresher seminar as part of their examiner authorisation renewal process

The BGA holds an Approved Training Organisational approval to deliver FI and Examiner refresher seminars.

EASA FCL FI(S) refresher seminars last 2 days, as per the regulation. Existing FI(S) certificate holders who wish to attend should complete the application form and submit it to Liz Pike at the BGA Office at least two weeks ahead of the seminar start date.

The CAA’s EASA FI revalidation notification Form 1135 is available here. Guidance on completing the form is available here.

EASA FCL examiner refresher seminars last one day, as per the regulation.

Click here for EASA FI(S) and examiner refresher seminars