BGA Assistant Instructor Courses

Why instruct?

People instruct for various reasons. Instructing is certainly rewarding; there is little that beats the feeling of helping a trainee pilot to achieve success. Some pilots become an instructor for new challenges. Others to put something back into gliding. Of course all discover that instructing is usually great fun! Training to become an instructor definitely improves flying skills and knowledge. And it feels great to be contributing to such an important club activity.

The BGA assistant instructor course is designed and delivered by very experienced coaches who are committed to equipping BGA instructors with the skills and knowledge they will need to support club members aspirations.

If instructing is something you would like to be involved with, please read on. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact the BGA office.

Course information

BGA Assistant Instructor courses are facilitated by the BGA and delivered at gliding clubs. A significant amount of the training can be carried out at the candidates home club over whatever time period the candidate chooses.

The Assistant Intructor entry requirements are 75 hours P1 gliding, a Silver badge and your CFI’s recommendation.

You can read about the course content in the training handbook.

There is a course fee for one element of the course.  Flying fees and other related costs vary according to local arrangements with the club involved. Some clubs sponsor their candidates through reduced flying rates or cash contribution in exchange for commitment. Younger pilots enjoy a significantly reduced course fee and may be eligible for grant funding.

After discussing the matter with your CFI, please contact the BGA office to book a course place. Dates are published below.

The course is currently designed to take experienced, current glider pilots and at the end produce capable and confident gliding instructors who can support their club’s training needs. The course is split into a number of elements that need to be completed in order;

  • BGA facilitated ‘Teaching and Learning’ seminar (a winter weekend). Known as the A module.
  • Club-based preparation training (flexible – as many days you require!). Known as the B module.
  • BGA facilitated training review (a weekend). Known as the C module.
  • BGA facilitated consolidation training (5-7 consecutive days). Known as the D module.

The course format is always evolving to ensure that it is as time efficient as is reasonably possible and that it continues to meet course candidates needs.

Who can provide the club-based preparation training (B module)?

Any CFI or experienced gliding instructor. This training is usually provided one-on-one at the candidates home club whenever mutually convenient. The required detail is in the training handbook. BGA facilitated ‘Flight Instructor Coach’ seminars are provided for those who feel they need to understand more about training instructors. Any CFI who is in doubt about delivering this preparation training at their club can seek advice from Mike Fox, the BGA Training Standards Manager.

Does completing this course qualify me as an EASA Flight Instructor (Sailplanes)?

By holding a BGA assistant instructor rating (and other required experience, eg hours, etc), a glider pilot who holds a LAPL(S) or SPL can apply to add an EASA FCL FI(S) certificate to their existing SPL or LAPL(S), or include the EASA FCL FI(S) certificate when converting to an SPL or LAPL(S).

When and where does the BGA facilitated training take place?

This list is periodically updated as courses are arranged. Please contact the office if you need more information.

A Module13th - 14th May 2017Devon & Somerset - North Hill8
A Module27th - 28th January 2018London GC (Dunstable)8
C Module29th - 30th April 2017The Gliding Centre (Hus Bos)1
C Module6th - 7th May 2017London GC (Dunstable)1
C Module8th - 9th July 2017Cambridge GC - Gransden2
C Module15th - 16th July 2017London GC - Dunstable2
C Module21st - 22nd April 2018London GC (Dunstable)4
D Module30th Apr 2017 - 5th May 2017Norfolk GC (Tibenham)2
D Module14th - 19th May 2017SGU - (Portmoak)2
D Module25th Jun 2017 - 1st Jul 2017York GC (Rufforth)3
D Module9th - 15th July 2017Buckminster - Saltby3
D Module24th - 30th July 2017London GC (Dunstable)Full
D Module24th - 30th September 2017The Gliding Centre (Hus Bos)3
D Module15th - 21st October 2017Bicester4
D Module23rd - 29th July 2018London GC (Dunstable)4