BGA Flight Instructor Coach Seminars

This seminar is a one day event aimed at senior instructors who are currently, or who wish to begin, coaching instructors towards the B module. Instructor coaches are managed by club CFIs. This seminar is aimed at raising the knowledge levels of all instructor coaches.

Subject matter will include:

  • The format of the new Assistant rating course
  • What’s new about the new course?
  • Briefing techniques
  • Teaching and learning – how we teach new instructors and their pupils.
  • Use of very basic simulators (with and without the use of computers!) for training instructors.

The day is geared around a bunch of experienced instructors getting together to chat about training really good new instructors. Previous seminars seem to have been enjoyed – especially in the middle of winter!

to book a place on this course please email:

Course Dates Location Places
BGA Instructor Coach seminar
BGA Instructor Coach seminar 22nd September 2019 RAF Cosford - Outdoor Arena - Presentation Suite 15