Pilot Training

Learning to fly

Glider pilots learn to fly at their club in dual control gliders. The course can be intensive or spread over many weeks and months as suits individual needs.

The syllabus leads to pilot qualification, ie Bronze and Cross-Country Endorsements (see below). Solo flying is part of the course. Every aspiring pilot’s first solo is a great moment!

BGA clubs are gradually adopting a new training scheme from late 2021, where qualification results in a Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL). The actual training content remains essentially the same, so don’t worry about starting under one scheme and transferring to the new system.

Can I learn to fly with a disability?

Yes. There are some disabilities that might prove difficult, but each case can be discussed with the club and the instructor involved. Learn more here.

Qualifying as a pilot

Please refer to our Bronze and Cross-Country Endorsements webpage

Adding to existing pilot qualifications

Please refer to our ‘BGA Training Organisation’ webpage.

Flight Telephony Radio Operators Licence (FRTOL)

For information about and how to obtain an FRTOL, please refer to our pilot radio licence webpage.

Instructing and instructor training

Please refer to our instructors webpage.


Please refer to our examiners webpage.

SFCL compliant pilot training

Please refer to our SFCL compliant pilot training webpage.

Resources and links

Resources and links including youtube videos can be found here.