Aerobatics are an established and growing part of gliding. Almost all gliders are certified for aerobatic flight of some description and many pilots do enjoy carrying out simple manoeuvres having completed any necessary training.  There are gliders that have been specifically designed to carry out aerobatics, including two seat gliders such as the MDM Fox.

Aerobatics are an excellent means of improving pilot skills and developing pilot confidence.

Many glider pilots go on to gain an aerobatics badge, a BGA and British Aerobatic Association award that recognises increasingly skilled levels of achievement from standard through to unlimited. Details are available in the publication ‘Sporting Badges and Achievements’.

Gliding aerobatic competitions take place nationally and internationally and include a number of different classes. The youngest pilot to represent the United Kingdom in a World Gliding Aerobatic Championship was aged 15. Whether young or more senior in years, aerobatics does not discriminate. It is all about flying skill, airmanship…and having fun!

If you want to learn how to fly aerobatics, please talk to your club CFI.