SFCL compliant pilot training


Gliding training in the UK continues under BGA requirements until December 2021, when Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing (SFCL) rules  and associated Declared Training Organisation (DTO) rules will apply.

Training for the following Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing (SFCL) privileges and ratings must take place within a Declared Training Organisation (DTO).

  • Theoretical knowledge training for the SPL
  • Flight instruction for the SPL
  • Training for additional launch methods
  • Training for aerobatics, sailplane towing and sailplane cloud flying
  • Training for the TMG extension or TMG night rating
  • Training towards the sailplane flight instructor (FI(S) rating
  • FI(S) refresher
  • Examiner refresher

The BGA supports SPL holders including who need to add privileges to their licence by retaining a DTO.

During the conversion period, the two in 24 month recency training flights with an instructor may take place with a BGA assistant or full rated instructor who should sign the pilots logbook as completing the flights. (AMC SFCL.160(a)(1)(ii) refers.


EASA regulates all recreational flight training in Part 21 aircraft. The minimum level of oversight is provided through a Declared Training Organisation (DTO).

The BGA has declared itself as a DTO. Any BGA club that chooses to deliver SFCL training using BGA course programmes is to apply to operate within the BGA DTO.

BGA DTO club application form

The BGA has developed and had approved the following training programmes. These course programmes may only be used or reproduced or copied with the written permission of the BGA Ltd.

Further training course programmes will be added when required.

Self-launch training guidance.

Any pilot who holds an SPL can add self-launch privileges following the required level of self-launch training by a suitably qualified instructor. BGA guidance is available here.