BGA Medical Requirements

It is a personal responsibility of pilots to be fit for flight, and especially to recognise the adverse effects of short term illness, alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

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These requirements were updated during May 2021 to include medical requirements when using BGA pilot certificate privileges, medical requirements when using CAA licence privileges, and the availability of the CAA Pilot Medical Declaration.

‘I’m safe’ personal fit for flight checklist

The ‘I’m Safe‘ personal fit for flight checklist items are;

  • Illness – Is the pilot suffering from any illness or symptom of an illness which might affect them in flight?
  • Medication – Is the pilot currently taking any medication (prescription or over-the-counter)?
  • Stress – Is the pilot overly worried about other factors in their life? The psychological pressures of everyday living can be a powerful distraction and consequently affect a pilot’s performance.
  • Alcohol – Although legal limits vary by jurisdiction, the pilot should consider their alcohol consumption within the last 8 to 24 hours.
  • Fatigue – Has the pilot had sufficient sleep and adequate nutrition?
  • Emotion – Has the pilot fully recovered from any extremely upsetting events?

Clubs are expected to comply with BGA medical requirements and, as far as reasonably possible, stay aware of any physical or mental health issues that could impact their members pilot performance and become a flight safety hazard. As many clubs do not have access to their own medical expertise, clubs can seek guidance from a BGA medical advisor (see below).

About the CAA Pilot Medical Declaration

The Aviation safety (amendment) regulations 2021 introduce amendments to UK Part MED and UK SFCL to permit use of a medical declaration by SPL holders.

The CAA has published details of how the CAA Pilot Medical Declaration may be utilised by SPL holders and those converting to an SPL (for use in the UK only).

There is a CAA exemption that allows SPL holders and those converting to an SPL to use the CAA Pilot Medical Declaration for aircraft of MTOM of 2000kg or less provided they reasonably believe that they meet the medical requirements for a Group 1 (Car) Licence issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and are not taking medication for any psychiatric illness. The CAA exemption is here.

Making a Pilot Medical Declaration

The CAA’s new medical portal is called Cellma. To access Cellma, pilots need to open a CAA customer account.

Step 1. Register with the CAA online portal, noting that you want to use medical services. Here’s the CAA guide. You’ll need two pieces of evidence (eg driving licence and passport). It can take 10 days to process at the CAA-end (If you are struggling, you can contact the CAA’s portal registration support on 0330 022 1972 or email the CAA via

Step 2.  You should receive a confirmation email from CAA.

Step 3.  You then need to register with Cellma. (This is a known ‘buggy’ system. You may need to persevere. CAA have advised that they are working on improvements – see below).

Step 4. Once into Cellma, the ‘application’ page should let you make a Pilot Medical Declaration.

Copy of online Pilot Medical Declaration.

Please note that having made a Pilot Medical Declaration on the Cellma site, you will then have access to the declaration in your Cellma records. Under ‘Applications’, open “in progress and completed applications”, then “view” the pilot medical declaration, then search for the ‘download’ or ‘print’ options. Opening the listed declaration should allow you to view and download a copy

If the declaration is incomplete, ie missing name and PMD submission number, the CAA recommends that the pilot prints and countersigns the medical self-declaration page with the following:

‘I confirm this pilot medical declaration print out is applicable to me and is correct’

Print Name

CAA Reference Number

Sign                       Date

This will link the self-declaration approval to the pilot and enable a check of the signature against that of the pilot’s licence for assurance purposes if required.

The CAA also recommends that where a PMD has been submitted and shows incorrect validity dates, the declaration should be resubmitted.

Please report any problems to the CAA Cellma team via

Booking a CAA medical examination

If you need a medical certificate (eg Class 2) issued by an AME, you will need to pre-book via Cellma by supplying information and paying a CAA fee. You can then contact an AME to arrange the examination, following which you pay the AME a much larger fee.

Medical Requirements outside the UK

As the UK is a third country, licence holders flying outside the UK are required to comply with the relevant national pilot medical requirements, which in most cases are the ICAO requirements, ie a Class 2 medical certificate.

BGA Medical Advisor

A BGA medical advisor can be contacted via the BGA office.


CAA GA pilot medical requirements webpage

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An unofficial guide to registering on the CAA portal

CAA medical information webpage, including CELLMA, find an AME, etc.