All gliders are designed to be transported and stored in trailers. The trailers are purpose built and, as you would expect, quite long.

Guidance on the applicable regulations, including those relating to ‘indivisible loads’ are described in the BGA’s Trailer Guidance publication.

More detail can be found at:

Road Traffic Act 1991

Govt info – towing a trailer with a car (updated 10 Sep 21)

Trailer tyres generally degrade from UV damage before they wear beyond safe limits. So trailer tyres need to be checked regularly for overall condition not just tread wear. The Caravan Club recommends that tyres are replaced every five years regardless of apparent condition.

There are a number of online sources of helpful guidance on towing trailers and maintaining trailers. For example;

The AA

Caravan Club

Camping and Caravan Club

Cobra Trailers

BGA AMP 4-10 Trailer Maintenance

Youtube video demonstrating the importance of trailer weight distribution.