BGA Waypoint List

The 2017 Waypoint files are now on-line. When using these files, please bear in mind the following message from Competitions and Airspace Committees.

How to set brilliant tasks… 

We all know brilliant task setters – those who manage to squeeze the very last drop of distance out of a day by getting the weather and the areas they fly in just right. That’s a wonderful skill.

But there’s another crucial skill in task setting, especially if you’re task setting for more than just yourself. That skill is about not just avoiding airspace, but about avoiding or minimising areas where conflict risks are higher – in other words the areas which might well be the subject of the next airspace grab.

Over the years Ian Strachan and others have developed what was an early prototype for local convenience, and turned it into a comprehensive list of UK-wide waypoints. Everyone is familiar with that. But they may not be so familiar with the wealth of information and advice that sits just below the surface. This year there are in fact two lists. One has all the waypoints as before. The other has a reduced set, made by removing waypoints that lie close to sensitive airspace such as ILSs, holds or active airfields. The removed waypoints are ones that we’d be wise not to use for large task groups with a large number of gliders.

So when you task set in 2016, please look beyond the fact that a waypoint exists – its mere existence doesn’t mean that it must be ok to use at any time and when you set for groups of gliders just use the more limited list.

We wish you excellent tasks in 2016, and thank you for playing your part to maintain our reputation as responsible pilots – that in turn helps to minimise the threat of yet more controlled airspace.