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The BGA website contains thousands of documents. It’s not always easy to find what you are looking for.

Searching the Website

The website page or document search function works well providing you know what you are looking for. Just type the description into the search box, eg ‘Medical requirements’.

Google searches also work well; using Google, prefix what you are looking for with BGA, eg ‘BGA instructor manual’.

Website Forms and Publications Library

All the documents on the website are stored in the website’s library, where you can browse and select documents.

You can view the website library here.

Please note that some of the library categories have a number of sub-categories. For example ‘Pilot Resources’ includes the publications for ‘Aerobatics’, ‘Aim Higher’, ‘Cross-Country’, ‘Disability Gliding’, ‘Examiners’, ‘Instructors’, ‘Pilot Training’ and ‘Powered Flying’.

Application Forms (BGA)


Bronze Endorsement

Cross Country Endorsement

Competition Licence

FAI badge (Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc)

BGA Instructor Initial Issue

BGA Instructor Renewal (for lapsed BGA instructor ratings)

BGA Instructor – Completion

BGA Instructor  РMGIR

BGA Instructor  РAerobatic

SFCL SPL conversion

Airworthiness and Maintenance

Airworthiness webpage

ARC Renewal

Annual Maintenance and ARC webpage

Laws and Rules

Laws and Rules, including retained EU rules and BGA requirements, are easily accessible here.

Instructor Training

BI Course Programme and Record

Assistant Instructor Course Programme and Record

Medical Requirements

BGA Medical Requirements


BGA News is available here. You can subscribe free to our Newsletter.

Reporting an Occurrence

(including accidents, flying and ground incidents, airprox, overflights, maintenance incidents, etc)

Reporting an Occurrence webpage