Future Airspace Strategy

The UK airspace structure is widely recognised as being unfit for purpose. The Future Airspace Strategy aims to redevelop UK airspace over the next twenty years. You can read more here

NATS, who under direction from government have a strategy for, design and manage airspace above 7000′, has started to consider how the upper airspace can be made more efficient. In doing so, they are engaging with GA.

BUT lower airspace, ie below 7000′ is much more of a problem. There is no intention to have a lower airspace strategy or plan. Airports are left to grab airspace for their own use with no wider consideration. The resulting mess is unsustainable, highly inefficient and potentially hazardous. Having tried unsuccessfully to interest CAA in resolving the problem, the BGA and GA Alliance partners are working to resolve the issues via government. That will take time.

Meanwhile, this webpage will report on Future Airspace Strategy related consultations and BGA responses. In many cases, the responses will be made through the GA Alliance.

April 2018 – Future Airspace Strategy Initiative South /LAMP2 Design Principles Consultation

In early 2018, NATS consulted on FASI South / LAMP2 design principles ahead of what will eventually result in a CAP1616 ACP consultation. The GA Alliance has responded to that early 2018 consultation with BGA input.

You can view the LAMP2 response here.