Requirements and Guidance

BGA Requirements And Guidance

The BGA Articles of Association describe how all members (including those operating under EASA requirements), are subject to the BGA’s regulations and requirements. The BGA operational regulations and associated requirements – formerly described as ‘Laws and Rules’ – are published as ‘BGA Requirements and Guidance’. The detail is regularly reviewed and updates are promulgated through BGA news.

BGA Requirements and Guidance

EASA / CAA Requirements

UK national aviation regulation has resulted in gliding remaining fundamentally self-regulated for many decades. The emergence of European legal requirements means that gliding is increasingly regulated by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the competent authority responsible for UK national aviation regulation and the standardised implementation of EASA regulation.

The CAA delegates certain activities to BGA under both EASA and UK regulatory requirements. As such the BGA maintains appropriate approvals, and has in place requirements and guidance of its own.

EASA/CAA Requirements