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PNGC Update

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The Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre (PNGC) has just announced plans to operate at weekends from Middle Wallop airfield from March 2020, by kind permission of the Commandant and the Army Air Corps. This is a very welcome development for this RNGSA gliding club which for decades had operated successfully at…

2020 National Gliding Championships Entries

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Online applications are now being accepted for the 2020 National Championships in all classes. You can enter at

BGA Continuing airworthiness and maintenance courses

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The following continuing airworthiness and maintenance courses are being held in early 2020; BGA Inspector Refresher and Human Factors training is required every 5 years; Scottish GC on Saturday 25th January 2020 commencing at 9.30 am. Bristol & Gloucester GC on Saturday 8th February 2020 commencing at 9.30 am. BGA…

Airspace Change Proposal Information

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The CAA operates an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) portal that has a search function by place or postcode. Although the portal has limitations, eg it doesn’t always identify the airspace relevant to a location, it is probably the only way of searching for ACP’s that may be of interest. As…

RAF Waddington ACP

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The MoD intends to operate unmanned ‘Protector’ aircraft from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. As ‘see and avoid’ technology is not yet available, a consultation is underway re an airspace change. The ACP is at Stage 1 ‘Principles’. As the ACP moves towards the ‘Options’ stage, we anticipate that there will…

BGA AGM 29th February 2020

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Notice is hereby given that the BGA AGM will be held at 2.30pm on Saturday 29th February 2020 at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel. Club secretaries have been contacted with details. Tony Smith Company Secretary

Seat Harnesses AMP updated

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The BGA AMP re seat harness maintenance has been updated. You can view the publication here.

British Gliding Team at the WWGC in Australia

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Claudia Hill, Liz Sparrow, Ayala Truelove and team captain Melissa Jenkins are preparing to take on the sport’s leading nations in the 10th Women’s World Gliding Championships in Australia later this month. We hope they have some great flying and successful racing! Keep an eye open for the latest news…

Temporary Danger Area

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The CAA has advised that from the 2 December 2019 through to the 31 March 2020, a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) will operate out of Lydd Airport, to carry out carry out operational flights for the purposes of Maritime Surveillance in the area of the English Channel. As the…

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