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Safe Winch Launching

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The BGA safe winch launching webpage has been updated. The professionally narrated video ‘how to winch launch safely Part 1’ is an excellent briefing and refresher for pilots of all experience levels. Watch the video here.

Senior Examiner Refresher Seminar

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The first Senior Examiner (Sailplanes) refresher seminar run by the BGA as delegated by the CAA took place on 17th November. Thanks to Andy Miller for running the seminar and to CAA staff examiner Mark Young for his contribution. The BGA maintains a small team of CAA-approved Senior Examiners in…

LOA TRA(G) - updated to Sep 2020

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The Letter of Agreement between BGA and RAF(U) Swanick, NATS and BAe Systems regarding VFR flight by gliders above FL195 in TRA’s has been re-published effective Sep 2018 – Sep 2020. Pilots who intend to fly in these TRA’s are expected to fully understand any associated procedures. The LOA is…

British Gliding Team 2019

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The 2019 senior British Gliding Team has been selected as follows; Open Class – Russell Cheetham and Tim Jenkinson 20m Class – Garry Coppin with Steve Jones 18m Class – Pete Harvey and Phil Jones 15m Class – Tim Scott Standard Class – Leigh Wells and Howard Jones Club Class…

Confirmed new records!

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The UK Open and 20m class 300km, 400km, 500km and 600km triangle speed records are now held by John Williams of the Scottish Gliding Centre, who flew an Antares 20E at 136.82 kph over a 601.8km task from Portmoak on 24th October 2018. The UK Open Class 750km triangle speed…

Club Marketing Resources

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The BGA marketing webpage has been updated and includes resources that are designed to assist gliding clubs with marketing, communications and promotional support to encourage participation and grow club membership. View the marketing webpage here.

EASA GA Safety Conference 2018

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The BGA was represented at the recent EASA GA Safety Conference ‘a vision for the future of GA’. The event, with some 300 delegates, was hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Transport and included speakers from GA (including gliding), the GA supply industry, national regulators, EASA, the EU Commission, and…

Oxford airport ACP feedback report

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Oxford airport has submitted its post ACP consultation feedback report to the CAA. It can be viewed here. The next step in the process is for Oxford airport to submit its final proposed design to the CAA.

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