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8.33 kHz Radio Update

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8.33 Implementation As previously reported, aircraft that need to use 8.33 kHz frequencies must be equipped with 8.33 kHz capable radio equipment by 31 Dec 2017. UK airfields are to re-equip with 8.33 kHz radios by 31 Dec 2018. So during 2018, a large number of frequencies will change. The…

Doncaster Sheffield Airport ACP

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport is an aspirational international airport located on a former RAF airfield near Doncaster that has a modest number of commercial air transport movements each year. Doncaster Sheffield Airport is surrounded by a large area of controlled airspace. Doncaster Sheiffield Airport is currently consulting on its plans for…

FAI Sporting Code Section 3 - Gliding

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The Oct 2017 Edition of Sporting Code Section 3 is now available on the FAI website. This revised version of the Sporting Code Section 3 has a number of changes from the previous one.

BGA News November 2017

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The November 2017 edition of BGA News has been published and includes information for all glider pilots. Please take 5 minutes to have a read! You can view the November 2017 BGA News here.  

BGA Strategy

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The BGA needs to identify the organization and infrastructure changes required to support the evolution of UK gliding for the next 10 to 20 years. This can only be done on the basis of an accepted view of what that evolution is likely to be. Following lengthy discussions with member…

British Gliding Team - World Championships 2018

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The British Team selection for the WGC 2018 is; Club Class – Tim Fletcher, G Dale Standard Class – Howard Jones, Dave Bromley 20m Multi-Seat Class – Steve Jones/Gary Coppin 15m Class – Tim Scott, Derren Francis 18m Class – Mike Young, Russell Cheetham Open Class – Andy Davis, Peter…

Pilot Licence Conversion

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The BGA pilot licence conversion guidance has been updated to reflect the revised date by which pilots of EASA sailplanes must hold an EASA FCL SPL or LAPL(S), ie 8th April 2020. Pilots of EASA aeroplanes are respectfully reminded of the need to hold an EASA FCL PPL(A) or LAPL(A)…

EASA Committee Meeting 24-25 Oct 17

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The CAA has reported that the outcome of the recent EASA Committee Meeting in Brussels, at which the UK Government was represented, has resulted in constructive progress on a number of important matters affecting the GA Community.  The Committee voted positively on amendments to the Aircrew Regulation.  This vote will…

Guidance for BGA instructors who choose to hold a Part FCL Flight Instructor Certificate

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Gliding instruction at BGA clubs is carried out under BGA requirements and all instructors are required to hold a valid BGA instructor rating. Gliding instructors are reminded that the BGA’s instructor requirements recognise that a valid EASA Flight Instructor (Sailplanes) certificate – known as an FI(S) certificate – is equivalent…

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