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COVID19 airspace temporary classification changes

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The significant downturn in commercial aviation has resulted in Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) reducing their manpower and services within controlled airspace. As a result, the classification of some portions of controlled airspace can change (eg from D to G) on a relatively short timeline. For example, on the 21st…

BGA Gliding Competitions 2020 - Situation and Guidance mid-May 2020

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Background The government restrictions for the control of Covid19 have prevented gliding in any form from taking place between late March and mid May.  This has already had an impact on UK gliding competitions planned for 2020, with some having been postponed to later in the year and some having…

CAA - short term changes to help air traffic control return to service

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From the CAA (15th May): We are acutely aware of the impact that COVID-19 is having on UK aviation and are committed to supporting all sectors to recover as quickly and as safely as possible. The fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on a fall in demand for…

European Gliding Union Newsletter 1/2020

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The EGU newsletter 1/2020 is available here. The EGU is a union of national gliding associations and federations representing some 80,000 glider pilots that work together to address regulatory and other issues. The BGA is a long term member of and contributor to the EGU. We look forward to working…

Postponement Of Club Class Nationals To New Date Of 25th July to 2nd August 2020

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Given the current status of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the competition organisers in collaboration with the BGA Competition Committee have determined that the chances of being able to hold the Club Class Nationals event at Nympsfield in June are now remote. So that the event can still take place following…


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An update to the previous news item dated 30th January 2020. The UK’s Royal Aero Club (RAeC), advised by the BGA, and the German Deutscher Aero Club (DAeC), advised by its gliding section, have made a joint appeal to FAI requesting a review of the judgement by the FAI/IGC Jury…

BGA guidance for SPL holders updated to reflect Part-SFCL

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The BGA publication ‘Guidance for SPL holders’ has been updated to reflect the Part-SFCL changes. You can view the document here. Please note that as previously reported, pilots of EASA sailplanes including powered sailplanes including TMGs may continue to use BGA certificates and national licences until 8 April 2021.  

Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing (SFCL)

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The BGA ‘Pilot Licence Conversion’ webpage has been updated to reflect that on 8th April 2020 Part-SFCL rules replaced the previously applicable Part-FCL rules. Previously issued LAPL(S) and SPL licences are automatically deemed to be SFCL SPL’s and where those SPL privileges are used, the SFCL requirements apply. Please note…

Class Rating Instructor (CRI) revalidation requirements updated

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A CAA ‘Training Com Update’ has noted that under a revision to the Flight Crew Licensing rules, aeroplane CRI revalidation requirements have been updated to require ‘two out of three’. CRI’s are advised to review the detail of ‘FCL.940.CRI CRI – Revalidation and renewal’.

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