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Safety Foam

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We have issued an update to the safety booklet about the benefits of fitting energy absorbing cushions in gliders. The update contains a new section on the hazards of inflatable cushions.

Glider Operations Above FL100

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The CAA has now published ORS1217 allowing non-transponder equipped gliders and SLMGs to fly above FL100 and up to FL195 in the notified Non-SSR Gliding Areas (NSGA). The new exemption  runs until 31st March 2018. The NSGAs are detailed in the UKAIP ENR5.2 and diagrammatically in ENR 6-3-0-1 (see the…

BGA Review of Accidents in 2016

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The BGA review of accidents in 2016 has been published. There are only a few types of gliding accident and they frequently repeat themselves. The BGA Review of Accidents offers headline guidance on how everyone can help to avoid a repetition of the more important categories of accident. By understanding…

Newcastle ACP Consultation

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Newcastle Airport has published details of a consultation over its proposals to implement Area Navigation (RNAV) Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Approaches and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARS). This consultation will run until 2nd June 2017 and full details are at the Newcastle Airport website. As with the other open…

Exeter ACP Consultation

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Exeter Airport has published details of the consultation over its proposal to establish Class D airspace. The consultation runs until 9th June 2017. The BGA, along with member clubs and its GA Alliance partners, will be developing and submitting a response.

CAP 1434: UK Flight Information Services: Guidance from the CAA

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The CAA has asked us to draw pilots’ attention to CAP 1434 ‘UK Flight Information Services: Guidance from the CAA’ which was published last year. The leaflet provides guidance to pilots on the types of air traffic services that are available to all flights operating within Class G airspace and,…

Listening Squawk Reference Card

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In support of the airspace infringement seminar held in London last year, FASVIG analysed airspace infringement data from across the country and concluded that the use of listening squawks and radar services significantly reduced infringement risk. However, the availability of these services was not well understood and although details are…

2017 Waypoint List Published

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The 2017 BGA Waypoint List (Start Points, Turn Points, Control Points and Finish Points) has been published.

Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone

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The CAA has approved the the Airspace Change Proposal for the Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone. As part of the process, a General Aviation Guide for the new RMZ, which became effective on 30th March 2017, has been produced. It’s hoped the guide will assist pilots with the airspace change and…

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