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BGA Awards - nominations sought for exceptional service in 2021

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The BGA has a number of awards that can be made to those who have given exceptional service to gliding, either at club or national level. The BGA Diploma may be awarded to any individual serving a BGA club or the interests of UK gliding who has been nominated by…

Junior British Gliding Team Medals in Lithuania!

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Huge congratulations to the Junior British Gliding Team who have been competing in the European Junior Gliding Championships in Lithuania with outstanding success! Gold medal – Finn Sleigh, Club Class Silver medal – Tom Pavis, Standard Class Bronze Medal – Henry Inigo-Jones, Standard Class Team Gold – Finn, Toby Freeland,…

CAA airspace classification review - update

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In 2020, the CAA responded to the 2019 decision to require the CAA to review the classification of airspace by consulting on the subject. There were a very large number of stakeholder responses. Examples of airspace suitable for reclassification that were suggested in 2020 by glider pilots are available here….

Covid19 guidance updated

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The BGA has provided detailed guidance for clubs and their members throughout the Covid19 pandemic and associated Government restrictions. The BGA guidance has been updated in response to the announced changes to Government restrictions from the 19th of July. The updated BGA guidance is available here.

Silverstone Grand Prix Restricted airspace

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The Silverstone GP race is protected by restricted airspace, and in the lead up to the GP race the related local activity is protected by an ATZ and other temporary restrictions. Please also note that Hinton in the Hedges airfield will be closed over the weekend of 17 and 18…

Two new Schleicher technotes

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Following an accident in Hungary, the type certificate holder Alexander-Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau has just published two new Technical Notes, one of which recommends changing limitations to no spinning. K13’s and other Schleicher gliders operating within the BGA airworthiness system have for several years all been subjected to the BGA’s rigorous glue…

BGA Continuing Airworthiness Organisation approved by CAA

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The CAA has formally approved the revised BGA airworthiness exposition, which results in the BGA’s Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approval and Maintenance Organisation (MO) approval merging into a single Continuing Airworthiness Organisation (CAO) approval just ahead of the due date.  Pilots, owners and clubs should experience very little change….

The Seven Ages of a Pilot

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Family and friends recently held a memorial celebration at Black Mountains gliding club of the life of the late Dr Peter Saundby, including a day of flying and an evening of reflection and socialising. It was observed that Peter would have been delighted to have seen that all recreational pilots…

New owner for DG

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The new owner of DG Flugzeugbau GmbH will be Volocopter GmbH, which provides access to DG’s certification as a Production Organisation, which is essential to continue Volocopter’s production processes. DG, with its Production Organisation Approval, will remain an independent company and will continue to manufacture DG’s gliders and motor gliders….

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