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FAI International Appeals Tribunal publishes report

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The FAI International Appeals Tribunal has published its report and decisions on appeals made by the Australian gliding team and the German and British National Aero Clubs following the WWGC2019. You can read the report here.

CAA consultation on cost sharing

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To enable GA pilots to share the direct costs of flying and thereby develop more experience and become safer pilots, there is an existing derogation from rules in both the ANO and the UK Air Operations Regulations that would otherwise deem the activity to be commercial. The UK Air Operations…

Fairford Airspace Change Proposal

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RAF Fairford has started an Airspace Change Proposal to segregate RPAS operations and is currently at Stage 1a of the process. You can read more about the Fairford ACP here. Please note that there can be a significant time lag between ACP documents being published and their appearance on the…

CHIRP aviation feedback

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The Confidential Human-Factors Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) produces an aviation feedback publication. You can view the November 2021 CHIRP Aviation Feedback here.

NERL West LD1.1 ACP consultation

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Following a period of engagement, including with the BGA and club representatives, NATS En-Route Ltd (NERL) has consulted on their LD1.1 ACP re airspace above 7000′ in Wales and the West. The BGA has submitted a consultation response.

London Luton Airport arrival routes airspace change approved by the CAA

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On the 24th November, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced their decision to approve the London Luton Airport arrivals airspace change proposal that was co-sponsored by NATS. The feedback during the consultation resulted in three changes; minimal changes from today’s flight paths below 5,000ft with greater dispersion of flights above…

BGA online R/T course starts 1st February 2022: register now

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The next BGA Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) course begins on 1st February 2022. This course provides full training for the licence pilots need in order to use most non-gliding VHF radio channels. If you’d like to participate, please register now (details below). We’re also recruiting experienced radio users…

Waddington Airspace Change Proposal

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RAF Waddington has published details of its merged RPAS operations and RAFAT operations Airspace Change Proposal and is currently engaging with stakeholders at Stage 2 of the process. You can read more about the Waddington ACP here. Please note that there can be a significant time lag between ACP documents…

VFR Moving Map Devices

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The CAA has published a new Safety Sense leaflet titled ‘VFR Moving Map Devices’, which sets out the minimum levels of proficiency pilots should have when using a moving map as well as covering the benefits and common issues. You can view the ‘VFR Moving Map Devices’ publication here.

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