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Another WInG endorsed gliding club!

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We’re pleased to report that Lasham Gliding Society is now BGA WInG endorsed. You can read more about Women and Inclusivity in Gliding here.

EGU News

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You can read the latest news from the European Gliding Union here.  

In Flight Equipment - guidance updated

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The BGA webpage ‘Managing Flying Risk – In Flight Equipment’ has been updated to include details about storing equipment when not in use. You can view the updated information here.

Sailplane Pilot Licence Conversion

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The Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) is an internationally compliant licence (international compliance depends on the type of medical held by the pilot). UK regulation identifies that the pilot of a Part-21 sailplane (effectively all other than certain vintage types) including powered sailplane is required to hold an SPL. Pilots of…

Introductory flight scam

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It has been reported by more than one gliding club that there are scam websites operating that sell introductory flight vouchers that purport to be genuine – but are not. If you are buying an introductory gliding flight voucher, we recommend you either go direct to the chosen gliding club’s…

Instrument traffic flying in class G airspace

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Several airfields with ATZs in class G use instrument approach procedures (IAPs), which are designed to improve approach safety in poor weather, at night, etc. However, these IAPs are frequently utilised during fine weather in daylight by commercial pilot training organisations as well as by commercial business jet operators. The…

BGA Social Media Opportunity

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The BGA is looking for the right person to develop and grow the BGA’s social media presence. The ideal person will have some gliding experience, will be self-motivated, will be very familiar with using Instagram and TikTok, can relate to the audiences, and is able to generate and edit video…

Use of non-Part 21 aircraft - SEP & TMG revalidation

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The CAA has issued Official Record Series (ORS) 1601 which regularises the use of non-Part 21 aircraft to conduct the dual refresher training flight for revalidation of SEP or TMG class privileges of class ratings. There are several points of detail in ORS 1601 that holders of SEP or TMG…

A reminder about the Head in the Clouds campaign

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A big thank you to all those clubs that have already signed up to Head in the Clouds. A special mention to Yorkshire Gliding Club for training two members in Mental Health First Aid England this spring, too. This is fantastic! The signup form requires a nominated committee member to…

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