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Fit for Flight?

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Is your glider (or the club glider you are flying) fit for flight? This safety briefing includes vitally important information. Please note that positive checks are essential for gliders that are not equipped with self-connecting controls. A recent accident investigation has identified that an unapproved modification to a glider with…

Exeter airport ACP decision

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The CAA has rejected the Exeter airport airspace change proposal. Details of the BGA’s response to this consultation and the CAA’s decision are available here.

8.33 Radios and Frequency Changes

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The UK has adopted the change to 8.33 kHz radios effective from 1st January 2018. There is a CAA-issued temporary exemption place to allow a number of 25 kHz frequencies to be used. View the exemption here. 25 kHz frequencies end with: 00, 25, 50 or 75. An 8.33 kHz…

Part-FCL licences - CAA exemptions

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An unprecedented delay in the publication by the European Commission of an expected amendment to the Aircrew Regulation has resulted in the need for a number of CAA-issued exemptions that ensure pilots can continue to fly legally under national arrangements beyond 8th April 2018. Please note that these exemptions ONLY…

BGA News April 2018

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The BGA News for April 2018 has been published and can be viewed here.

Shobdon airfield - parachuting and frequency change

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There is a new skydiving operation based at Shobdon; however it is not marked on the new 2018 1/2 mil chart.  The operation will be announced by NOTAM. There will be tandem freefall jumps from up to FL140 onto the NW corner of the airfield accompanied by a cameraman.  The…

Non-transponder areas at or above FL100

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The exemption to permit gliders and SLMGs from a requirement to use secondary surveillance radar transponders at and above FL 100 up to FL 195 in designated areas has been reissued as ORS4 No.1258 available here. Pilots intending to use the exemption must ensure that they fully understand the published…

Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Fund Scholarships 2018

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Through generous funding from the Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial fund, the BGA are offering 20 scholarships of £300 to young pilots aged 14-21. Applications must be received in the BGA office by the 27th April. the application form can be found here

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