Laws & Rules

The BGA is the national governing body of sport gliding. Gliding takes place under a mix of national, retained-EU and self regulation.  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the UK aviation safety regulator.

‘Laws and Rules’ details applicable law as well as self-regulation through BGA Operational Regulations and associated requirements.

Please note that ‘EASA aircraft’ are now known as ‘Part 21 aircraft’, and ‘non-EASA aircraft’ are now known as ‘non-Part 21 aircraft’. BGA documents are being updated on a rolling basis.

BGA Operational Regulations



Gliding certificate and endorsements

Guidance for SPL holders


Managing flying risk – every glider pilot needs this information




Rules of the Air

Sailplane Air Operations (SAO)

Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing (SFCL)

Sporting badges and diplomas



The Air Navigation Order

Declared Training Organisation (DTO)

Retained UK regulation 2018/1976 – this is the UK version of the EU SFCL and SAO regulation detailed above.

Information re changes following the UK leaving the EU