Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS)

To find a type certificate for an EASA sailplane, reference should first be made to the EASA TCDS webpage. There are number of ways of searching the data, including using the ‘Product Type’ (eg CS22) or ‘Manufacturer/TCH’ drop down lists to find the aircraft and its EASA TCDS document.

The EASA website also provides product lists. These lists include TCDS numbers for different aircraft types. If the aircraft in question is listed with an EASA TCDS, then you should always download the latest version of the TCDS from the EASA site. using the reference provided in the EASA list. (A google search using the phrase TCDS followed by the reference provided will usually take you to the required place).

Where the aircraft is either not listed or is listed with a non-EASA TCDS, then the TCDS may be available on this (BGA) web site.  Go to the Forms and Publications Library and carry out a search using the glider type and selecting Category = ‘Airworthiness’,  Subcategory = ‘TCDS’

TCDS Search