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Many glider pilots take part in competitions. Although these usually involve racing sailplanes around pre-planned cross-country tasks, pilots also take part in aerobatic competitions where they are scored for accuracy of flying. Competitions can be great social occasions too, and following the cross country racing action from the ground is getting easier thanks to online tracking.

In addition to organised competitions, which can be competed in a day, or in the case of most regional or national competitions over nine days, pilots also compete in online competitions – the BGA Ladder or the OLC – where pilots upload logger traces of their cross-country flights to compare performances.

Competition Calendar

Competition website links will be added when supplied by the host club.

Start Date End Date Competition Venue
3/1/20 17/1/20 Women's World Gliding Championships Lake Keepit Soaring Club
13/6/20 21/6/20 15m Class Nationals The Gliding Centre - Husbands Bosworth
13/6/20 21/6/20 Standard Class Nationals The Gliding Centre - Husband Bosworth
13/6/20 21/6/20 Open Class Nationals The Gliding Centre - Husbands Bosworth
27/6/20 5/7/20 Shenington Regionals Shenington
4/7/20 12/7/20 Bidford Regionals Bidford Gliding and Flying Club
4/7/20 12/7/20 Club Class Nationals Bristol & Glos GC - Nympsfield
11/7/20 19/7/20 Booker Regionals Wycombe Air Park
18/7/20 26/7/20 Hus Bos Regionals The Gliding Centre - Husbands Bosworth Airfield
25/7/20 2/8/20 Bicester Regionals Bicester
1/8/20 2/8/20 Inter-Club League * Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club - Wormingford Airfield
2/8/20 8/8/20 Yorkshire Regionals - Sutton bank York Gliding Club
8/8/20 16/8/20 Gransden Regionals Cambridge Gliding Club
8/8/20 16/8/20 18m/20m Multi-Seat Class Nationals Lasham
22/8/20 30/8/20 Junior Nationals Cotswold GC - Aston Down
22/8/20 30/8/20 Cotswold Regionals Costwold GC - Aston Down
22/8/20 30/8/20 Dunstable Regionals Dunstable
22/8/20 30/8/20 Inter-Services Regionals Bannerdown GC - Keevil Airfield
23/8/20 30/8/20 Wolds Two Seater Competition * Wolds G.C.

* Non rated competition
** Glider Aerobatic

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