Nationals Entry Lists 2020

Note that Entry lists are ordered by date and late entries are annotated accordingly. Lists are therefore preliminary and subject to later ordering by ranking and entry date if oversubscribed in accordance with the published Rules.


Entered before closing date
Late entry

15 Metre Class

Derren Francis Ventus 3

Jeremy Pack ASG29Es

Christopher Curtis Ventus 2cxaj

Gary Stingemore AS33

18 Metre Class

Derren Francis Ventus 3T

Tim Webb Ventus 2cxa

Andrew Neofytou Ventus 2cxa FES

Tony Cook Ventus 2cxaj

Mike Clarke ASG29E

Liz Sparrow ASG29E

Martin Clark JSMD 1C

liam brady ASG29

Liam Brady ASG29

Robert Bromwich Ventus 3

Jeremy Pack ASG29Es

Philip Pentecost ASG29E

Shaun Lapworth JS!c

Philip Jones Ventus3T

Mike Young Grob Twin iii

20 Metre Multi-Seat Class

Adrian Docherty Duo discus xlt

Mike Jordy Duo Discus xlt

Mike Jordy Duo Discus xlt

Steve Pozerskis Duo

Tim Robson Duo Discus T

Jon Arnold Duo Discus XLT

Tony Moulang Arcus T

Club Class

Claudia Hill LS1-f

Jane Nash Mosquito B

John Roberts ASW19B

Alison Mulder LS4a

Sally Walker LS4

Ayala Truelove ASW19

Tim Macfadyen ASW 20

Open Class

Russell Cheetham JS1c

Rebecca Bryan HpH Shark 304eS

Martin Clark JSMD 1C

Standard Class

Francesca Roberts LS8

Alison Mulder LS4a

Ayala Truelove LS8