Nationals Entry Lists 2019

Note that Entry lists are ordered by date and late entries are annotated accordingly. Lists are therefore preliminary and subject to later ordering by ranking and entry date if oversubscribed in accordance with the published Rules.


Entered before closing date
Late entry

15 Metre Class

Matthew Cook   Ventus 2a

Owain Walters   Ventus 2a

Derren Francis   Ventus

Jeremy Pack   ASG29Es-15

Brian Birlison   ASG 29

Tony Cook   Ventus 2cxaj

Roy Pentecost   ASG29e

18 Metre Class

Russell Cheetham   JS-MD3

Peter Harvey   JS1

Tim Jenkinson   JS1C-18

John Spencer   ASG29E

Derren Francis   Ventus

Andrew Neofytou   Ventus2cxa FES

Christopher Curtis   Ventus2cxaj

Elizabeth Sparrow   ASG29

Christopher Lewis   HpH Shark Jet

Chris Luton   ASG29e

Martin Clark   JS MD 1C 18m

William Murray   Ventus 2cxa FES

Jeremy Pack   ASG29Es-18

Brian Birlison   ASG 29

Ian MacArthur   JS1b

Roy Pentecost   ASG29e

Liam Brady   ASG29e

20 Metre Multi-Seat Class

Michael Jordy   Duo Discus XLT

Rodney Witter   ARCUS M

Matthew Cook   Duo Discus

Stephen Barter   TBA

Tim Robson   Duo Discus (T)

David Briggs   Arcus T

David Briggs   Arcus T

Club Class

Elizabeth Sparrow   Std Cirrus

Benjamin Hughes   Standard Cirrus

Mark Lawrence-Jones   Discus bw

Stephen Barter   Discus CS

Clement Allen   Std Cirrus

Oliver Barter   Discus CS

Alison Mulder   LS4a

Finn Sleigh   Libelle

Jake Brattle   TBA

Tom Arscott   TBA

Timothy Macfadyen   ASW 20

Friedrich Grosche   Mini-Nimbus

Ian MacArthur   LS4-neo

Neil McLaughlin   Flapped Cirrus

Richard Hood   ASW-20ax

Neil Goudie   ASW 19b (XL)

Gerrard Dale   ASW24WL

Ray Payne   LS7 WL

martin white   Pegase

martin white   Pegase

Open Class

Peter Harvey   TBA

Tim Jenkinson   JS1C-21

Russell Cheetham   TBA

Martin Clark   JS MD 1C 21m

Liam Brady   ASG29e

Standard Class

Andy Holmes   LS8

Stephen Barter   LS8

Mike Gatfield   LS8

Alison Mulder   LS4a

Paul Fritche   LS8

Gerrard Dale   ASW24WL