Launchpoint – charitable trust

Launchpoint is a registered charity that supports British Gliding. Prior to 2017, Launchpoint was known as the Caroline Trust.

Launchpoint aims include providing opportunities to experience gliding, and to facilitate participants at all stages to expand their horizons in the sport. Applications are open to all.

The small team of Launchpoint trustees are all actively involved in gliding. The lead trustee is Robert John. All donations and gifts are allocated to the charity’s beneficiaries. No deductions are made for administration and no payments are made to trustees. Launchpoint is the BGA’s adopted charity. The BGA provides this website and other support at no cost to the charity.

Launchpoint’s aims are delivered through Caroline Awards and Ted Lys Awards.

Caroline Awards

Young people who have completed the required training can fly solo at aged 14 – and many will still be flying well into retirement.

To date, Caroline Awards have helped over 400 young people by providing solo or post-solo bursaries. It’s not only young and disabled people and their clubs that benefit; Caroline Award bursaries have sparked interest and led to careers in aviation.

If you would like to assist us in fundraising to help the young pilots at your Club advance in their gliding career, donations can be made by cheque, made out to “Launchpoint” and sent to the BGA.

Ted Lys Awards

Experienced glider pilots who wish to develop their gliding skills with a particular course, training or coaching can make a proposal to the trustees requesting a Ted Lys Award.

Click here for the Ted Lys Award application page


Please help Launchpoint to support glider pilots

Launchpoint relies on generous donations. As a registered charity, all donations may be supplemented by gift aid, as well as qualify for tax exemption for the donor. All bequests may be exempt from inheritance tax.

Donations can be made by cheque, made out to “Launchpoint” and sent to the BGA office.

Leaving a gift in your will

By deciding to remember us in your will, you’ll help our charity ‘Launchpoint’ to do its work and you’ll be a part of the future of gliding. You can read more here.

Thanks very much for your interest.

Launchpoint – Charity Commission no. 1089009