BGA Inspector Information

This webpage describes the experience requirements to qualify for and maintain a BGA inspector rating and how to qualify for and maintain a Part-66L licence.

The BGA Airworthiness Exposition details the certifying staff and maintenance requirements that define the BGA Inspector authorisation.

The owner is responsible for the airworthiness of their aircraft. As described in the BGA Airworthiness Exposition, other than ‘Pilot/Owner Maintenance’, work carried out on aircraft under the control of the BGA airworthiness system is to be certified by an appropriately authorised BGA Inspector.

BGA inspectors are a highly valued and important part of UK gliding. Their experience and skills are regularly relied on by gliding clubs and private owners. BGA authorised inspectors are required to understand and comply with the applicable airworthiness and maintenance requirements, including the BGA Airworthiness Exposition and the AMP.

UK continuing airworthiness regulation requires BGA inspectors to hold a UK Part-66 licence with the correct category to certify Part-21 sailplanes, powered sailplanes, TMGs and aeroplanes. A UK Part 66 licence is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

BGA Airworthiness

The BGA airworthiness and maintenance webpages are available here.

Pilot/Owner Maintenance

Pilot/Owner maintenance is defined maintenance activity that does not require a release to service by an inspector. Much of the simple maintenance activity that commonly takes place to keep gliders in an airworthy condition does not require inspector involvement.

Carrying out Pilot/Owner maintenance is a superb way of developing experience towards becoming a BGA inspector.

There is more information about pilot/owner maintenance here.


Inspectors are responsible for their own actions when utilising the privileges of a BGA maintenance authorisation. Inspectors who operate commercially are advised to hold appropriate insurance. An insurance broker can advise.

Operating costs

Inspectors are advised to at least cover their ‘out of pocket’ expenses (including addition or renewal of qualifications) through charges made for their work or through an arrangement with the gliding club that they support.

Becoming a BGA Inspector

BGA inspector requirements (updated Dec 23)

BGA inspector PER example

BGA inspector experience assessment

BGA inspector rating issue or extension application form


Please follow this link to our Part-66L information webpage.