Safety awareness and education

There are many publications that can help pilots to better understand how to avoid threats and errors.

On this page, we have arranged the information by topic.


Culture and Safety Management System

Gliding sites

Club Safety Officer toolkit

Club gliding operations

Ground handling


First flights – introductory flights and trial lessons

Human factors

Ageing pilots

Flying with other pilots

Human Failings

Threat and Error Management


In-flight equipment including radio



NOTAM and airspace restrictions

Preparing for flight

Safe rigging


Launch signalling

Winch launching

Safe winch launching

Aerotow launching

Safe aerotowing

Towing / operating tug aircraft

Motor gliders, self-launching and self-sustainer sailplanes


Field landings

Loss of control

Spin avoidance

Collision avoidance

Collision avoidance

Lookout supported by Electronic Conspicuity

Safe thermal soaring

Soaring Protocol

Hill, ridge and mountain soaring

Drone conflict awareness


Parachuting after a Mid-Air Collision

Emergency Glider Evacuation

A briefing on bailing-out by G Dale

Reporting accidents and incidents

Collated guidance

Managing Flying Risk

Managing Flying Risk is a series of guidance publications on important safety topics.

Click here to view Managing Flying Risk

More information

All safety education publications including accident investigation reports are available under the ‘Search Safety Library’ button.

CAA safety sense leaflets can be viewed here.