BGA Trophy Winners

Each of these trophies are presented at the BGA Annual dinner. This year’s winners are below. If you enter the national ladder, your flights will automatically be entered for the trophies, but you can apply for a trophy without entering the ladder by emailing the BGA.

The rules for the trophies can be found by clicking here.


What For

2016 Winner

(handicapped distances and speeds)

BGA 1000k Trophy

Fastest flight over 1000km

Not awarded


Open National Ladder winner

Ed Downham
London GC

23800 points

Firth Vickers

Open National Ladder – Second Place

Andy Aveling
Lasham GS

22803 points

L Du Garde Peach

Weekend National Ladder Winner

Roy Pentecost
Lasham GS

21236 points


Weekend National Ladder – Second Place

Patrick Naegeli
Lasham GS

20816 points


Junior Ladder Winner

Finn Sleigh
Cambridge GC

17970 points

Chris Wills

Wooden Ladder Winnner

Adrian Emck
Lasham GS

18357 points

University Ladder

University Ladder Winner

Bristol University

15352 points


Longest Handicapped Distance

Graham McAndrew
Lasham GS

751.8km (handicapped)


Longest Handicapped Triangle

Graham McAndrew
Lasham GS

751.8km (handicapped)

California in England

Longest Handicapped Distance by a female pilot

Alison Mulder
Bristol & Glos GC

534.4km (handicapped)


Longest Handicapped Out and Return

Graham Paul
Shenington GC

557.8km (handicapped)


Longest Handicapped Distance in a 2 seater

Graham McAndrew
Lasham GS

751.8km (handicapped)

Frank Foster

Fastest Handicapped 500 Km

Roy Wilson
Deeside GC

133.0kph (handicapped)


Fastest Handicapped 300 Km

Brian Scougall
Scottish GU

147.5kph (handicapped)

Rex Pilcher

Earliest Diamond Distance

Mark Lawrence-Jones

De Havilland

Maximum Gain of Height

Nick Norman
Cairngorm GC

25427 ft


Highest placed pilot in Recent World Championships

Steve & Howard Jones
Lasham GS

3rd place , World Gliding Champinships, 20m Class

Phil Lever

Most Promising Junior Pilot

Jake Brattle

John Hands

For outstanding support in the organising or running of competitions

Alan Langlands

Nominated by the Competitions Committee


Club with most new cross-country endorsements as proportion of number of instructors

Hayward Aviation Award

For Instructor Excellence

Julian Bane
Bicester GC

Philip Wills Enterprise Trophy

Christof Maul & Thomas Seiler

Alex Ward Trophy

Andy Perkins