Club Safety Officer Toolkit

Managing risk associated with club flying activity is an integral part of operating a gliding club. To assist with that, a Club Safety Officer (CSO) is appointed by and reports to the club chairman.

Learn more about the Club Safety Officer role here;

Club Safety Officer suggested role description

Introductory briefing for new Club Safety Officers


Club Safety Officers can seek guidance and support from a number of areas;

1. For advice from the BGA Safety Committee, please contact either John Hull, BGA safety committee, or Tim Freegarde, BGA safety committee

The BGA safety committee frequently sends safety information direct to CSOs. If you are wondering why you haven’t had any such contact, please contact the BGA office to ensure that they have your correct contact details.

2. Each BGA region has a Regional team led by the Senior Regional Examiner (SRE).  SREs are highly experienced and have a good overview of clubs in their region. All CSO’s are encouraged to contact their SRE to open a line of communication.

To contact your SRE, please either use the contact information here, or contact the BGA office for details.

3. Communicating with other CSOs from nearby clubs can be helpful too. All CSOs are invited to share their contact details with other CSOs in their region. Contact

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