Caroline Awards

Background, Aims, and Scope

 The Caroline awards were established, under the banner ‘Caroline Trust’, by friends and gliding colleagues in memory of Caroline, a keen glider pilot. The Trust aimed to encourage young people, especially women, and people with disabilities to participate in the sport of gliding. Since 2000 over 400 young people have received Caroline Award bursaries.

In 2017, the Caroline Trust was renamed “Launch Point” and expanded to include the Ted Lys awards. The scope of the Caroline Award continues to be to support pilots to gain solo status or progress toward their BGA Bronze Endorsement award.

Bursaries are in the form of vouchers, to be redeemed at the recipient’s gliding club, to help with their flying costs or towards equipment that will support their flying. The vouchers are time limited and primarily focussed on individuals but also occasionally may be provided for specific programmes for young or disabled pilots.

The awards operate on a monthly cycle with a fixed number allocated each month.

Applicants will be asked to write a brief summary of why they should receive the bursary. Also, to help raise awareness of the Trust and generate further funds, recipients will be encouraged to write about their activities and how the bursary made a difference to them.

Flying Experience & Qualifications

All you need to be eligible for a Caroline Award is a keenness to learn to glide and membership of a British Gliding Association affiliated gliding club.

The Caroline award application form is available here

The terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Notes to applicants:

Please complete this application form and, if you feel something doesn’t apply to you, please annotate with N/A rather than leave a blank space.

When you have completed section 1, take your completed application to the Chief Flying Instructor of your gliding club who will complete section 3. If you are under 18 you should also ask a parent or carer to complete section 2.

Please submit your completed application and any queries to

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