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CAA adds new requirements on aircraft issued with non-UK ARC

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Without any discussion with recreational aviation stakeholders, the CAA has decided that UK aircraft that are issued with an ARC by a CAMO outside the UK must produce copies of a number of documents in addition to a copy of the ARC, ie; Copy of EASA form 14 for Part…

Safety Harness Integrity

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There are a number of aircraft operated at BGA clubs, including transitioned EASA gliders, that are equipped with safety harnesses which are maintained ‘on condition’ rather than limited by a specified life. The CAA has recently published a Safety Notice re safety harness integrity.

Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP)

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The Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP) is an EASA development that introduces greater flexibility for aircraft owners. All EASA sailplanes including powered sailplanes including TMGs are required to use an SDMP from 1 October 2019. The SDMP requirements permit owners to develop and tailor a maintenance programme for their particular aircraft….

TNS 1-2018

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The latest TNS is now available This is important detail that all BGA inspectors must read. Owners, who are of course responsible for the airworthiness of their aircraft, will also find the information interesting and helpful. The TNS can be viewed here

T61 National C of A

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T61 Falkes are non-EASA aircraft and are being transferred to national C of A and National ARC (NARC). There has been a hold up in the process at the CAA. Following a lot of work in the past by Jim Hammerton and more recently by BGA CTO Gordon MacDonald, the…

BGA Airworthiness Courses

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BGA Airworthiness courses have been updated at

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