BGA Glider Data Sheets

The information contained in the BGA datasheets does not replace data published by manufacturers and type certificate holders. These BGA datasheets are supplied to support inspectors and owners and are believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, no guarantee is given as to its accuracy, nor can any liability be accepted for the consequences of any errors. If anyone finds any errors or omissions please email Tim Macfadyen

A note from Tim: The types listed here are the ones for which I have acquired the manufacturer’s handbooks. If anyone could lend me other handbooks I would be most grateful and will return them promptly. Data for motorgliders is not included as this is normally kept with the aircraft. Data for older types is most useful as it is much more difficult to acquire than for modern types. We will not publish data for one-offs or prototypes as these are of no general use.

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