Nationals Entry Form 2024

Initial Entry for the UK National Championships (except Junior Nationals) must be made online using the form below. Although the deadline for priority entry is 31st January, late entries are available subject to availability.

If over-subscribed at 31st January, Nationals entries are prioritised using the Rating List, based on the previous year’s competition results.

You can view the ratings calculator spreadsheet here

Pilots must have previously flown a Rated Competition in order to compete in a National Championship.  Pilots who do not yet meet this requirement may enter, but must comply by the opening date of the competition.

Entries for regional competitions should be made directly with the organising club.

Please click here to read these notes before applying – they include important information that may be different to previous years covering the further entry requirements including costs, dates, entry number limits, priority in the event of oversubscription and contact information.

If you have any problems with the online form, or your name does not appear in the entry list and believe it should, please contact Immediately after submission, if your name does not appear on the entry list of the desired event then you have NOT entered. After a successful entry and provided you supplied a valid email address, you will also receive an email confirming your accepted provisional entry details.

Note that Entry lists are ordered by date and late entries are annotated accordingly. Lists are therefore preliminary and subject to later ordering by ranking and date if oversubscribed in accordance with the published Rules.

2024 Entries Lists