Airworthiness and Maintenance


Airworthiness and maintenance support for BGA clubs and their members

To support clubs and their members, the BGA provides an airworthiness management and maintenance organisation that holds a CAA Combined Airworthiness Organisation (CAO) approval as well as BCAR national approvals. The approvals are underpinned by the Exposition and other technical information.


The Law

BGA Airworthiness Requirements

BGA Airworthiness Exposition

CAA Airworthiness Code

Occurrence reporting

Maintenance support

This area of the web site provides information and supporting documents to assist with airworthiness and maintenance. The content is broken into several key areas linked below. Click on the headings to go to a new page.

Maintenance Programme, Annual and ARC

  • Part 21 sailplanes including powered sailplanes including TMGs
  • Part 21 aeroplanes
  • Non-Part 21 gliders
  • What happens to information sent to the BGA office
  • Fees
  • Where to send completed ARC paperwork

Airworthiness instructions and compendium

  • Manufacturers airworthiness instructions
  • BGA compendium
  • BGA airworthiness instructions

Airworthiness and Maintenance Procedures (AMP)

  • Specific AMPs
  • Approved methods, techniques and practices
  • Equipment installation and maintenance manuals
  • Forms
  • Weighing programme

Type Certificate Data Sheets

BGA glider data sheets

Technical News Sheets (TNS)


Courses and seminars

Buying and selling a glider

Find an inspector

To be put in touch with a BGA inspector in a particular postcode area, please contact the BGA office. Please ensure that you have the relevant postcode information available before getting in touch.

Chief Technical Officer

The BGA Chief Technical Officer is employed by the BGA to provide support to the BGA airworthiness system, owners and BGA inspectors. The CTO can be contacted via the BGA office.

Technical Committee

A volunteer Technical sub-Committee, appointed by and reporting to the BGA Executive Committee, provides policy guidance as well as expert opinion and practical aeronautical engineering input. The technical committee can be contacted via the BGA office.