Pilot Owner Maintenance

Pilot Owner Maintenance is a process detailed within Part ML (the maintenance rules applicable to Part 21 sailplanes) within which pilot owners are entitled to carry out and release (i.e. certify) limited maintenance tasks on their aircraft.

The Requirements

Anyone carrying out pilot owner maintenance must be aware of the following:

The legal requirement is detailed here in Part ML MLA.803.

The limitation detail is described in Part ML Appendix II here. 

The tasks that may not be released (i.e. certified) by a pilot owner are described in Part ML Appendix III here.

Refer also to CS-STAN, which describes several change certification standards that may not require release by an inspector. If in doubt, please refer to an experienced BGA inspector.

Pilot Owner maintenance seminars

From time to time, BGA facilitated pilot owner maintenance seminars are available. Check availability and book here.

If in doubt, please refer to an appropriately experienced BGA inspector before attempting pilot owner maintenance.