Airworthiness Instructions and Compendium

This section contains information about Airworthiness Directives, Mandatory Modifications, Inspections, Service Bulletin and Tech Note listings for BGA approved types. The detail is updated periodically.

There are four key sources of information that anyone carrying out a maintenance task should carefully consider, and anyone carrying out an annual inspection must carefully consider, ie:

1.  The Aircraft Manuals and Maintenance Programme
2.  Manufacturers Airworthiness Instructions (see below)
3.  BGA Compendium (see below)
4.  BGA Airworthiness Instructions (see below)

Manufacturers’ Airworthiness Instructions

Latest information on Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Technical Notes (TNs) must be obtained through the relevant manufacturer or type certificate holder website. Please note that urgent Airworthiness Directives supplied to the BGA by manufacturers will be forwarded by the BGA to BGA registered owners. It is important therefore that any change of ownership is notified to the BGA office.

BGA Compendium

Check the BGA compendium. The following compendium information is supplied to help individuals identify relevant airworthiness information for a particular aircraft or engine. It does not replace the requirement to use the manufacturers or type certificate holder requirements where that exists.

The compendium items are:

You can view compendium information by manufacturer here:

Manufacturer Manufacturer Manufacturer
Aer Pegaso Diamond (Hoffmann) Scheibe
Aeromot Eiri Avion Schempp-Hirth
All-Star PZL Elliots of Newbury Schleicher (Wood)
Avia Stroitel E Marganski Schleicher (Composite)
Binder Flug und Fahrzeugwerhe Siebert
Birmingham Guild Glasflugel Slingsby
Blanik Grob Sportavia (Fournier/Aviostar)
Bolkow HpH Sportine Aviacija
Breguet IAR SA Brasov Stemme
Caproni Issoir Aviation Valentin
Carman Lange Wassmer
Centrair Letov ZS Jezow
DG Flugzeugbau (Glaser Dirks) MDM ZS Jezow PW
DG – LS (Rollanden Schneider) Pilatus

BGA Airworthiness Instructions

The following information includes airworthiness instructions that are deemed important to maintain the safe operation of aircraft operating under the BGA airworthiness organisation:

003-08 Schleicher elevator drive disconnection
004-08 Schleicher elevator control arms
005-08 Puchacz canopy latching
006-08 Vega elevator drive
007-08 Centrair 34 and SF34 structural inspection
008-10 K13 aileron/brake controls
009-10 Water ingress flying controls
010-12 K13 and K18 elevator engagement
011-12 Flying control tapes and seals
012-03 Blanik fuselage bulkhead cracks
013-03 Vega flying controls
014-03 SZD Junior rudder pedal adjustment
015-04 Junior airbrake system gear
016-04 Puchacz airbrake system gear
017-04 Jantar & SZD 54 airbrake system gear
018-05 B4 tailplane mounting
019-06 Seat trim obstructing exit from cockpit
020-10 Junior canopy latch
021-10 Canopy jettison
022-10 Grob109a airbrake control
023-10 Junior trim control
025-02 Oly 460 series wing spar corrosion
026-03 K18 rudder cable jam
027-04 Schempp elevator vertical pushrod
028-04 Stemme S10 landing gear
029-05 Capstan rudder drive
030-05 Ventus CT nose hook hang up
031-05 Canopy gas struts
032-09 ME7, AC4, AC5 rudder security
033-11 Marianne airbrake handle
034-01 ME7, AC4, AC5 bellcrank mountings
035-02 ME7, AC4, AC5 flying control modification
036-06 G109 elevator pushrod
037-08 Bocian elevator fork failure
038-10 Bocian wing rear spar fittings
039-01 LS6, 7, 8 elevator drive nut missing
040-06 Ventus 2 seat back adjustment
041-06 Ventus 2 seat back adjustment
042-07 Schleicher wooden structural inspections
043-07 Schleicher elevator rib inspection
045-07 Schleicher elevator trim tab
046-12 Puchacz control stick inspection
047-02 ALL wooden gliders inspection
048-01 PW5, 6 tailplane fitting cracks
049-05 Libelle aileron actuator shaft
050-05 Capstan wing fittings
051-05 Junior elevator hinge corrosion
053-06 Electric self sustainer maintenance
054-04 Lunak structural inspection
055-03 Ottfur release units
056-08 Control grips