Ted Lys Awards

Ted Lys, was a well-known UK glider pilot who competed in UK National Championships, and in European Championships as a member of the British Team, from the early 1970s until his untimely death in 1998. His wife Krystyna and their daughter Karen established awards in his memory.

The aims of the awards are to help qualified UK based pilots to make a rapid advance towards fulfilling personal aspirations in any sphere of gliding.

There will be up to 12 Ted Lys awards in 2021 for the flying related costs of the BGA Assistant instructor course D module.

Launchpoint will pay 50% of the receipted flying on a BGA Assistant instructor course D module and the associated test up to a maximum of £500 for flying that is completed by 31st September 2022 There is no restriction on application if the BGA Instructor training (Modules A to C) has already been started.

[Note: Receipted flying includes launch costs and glider/motorglider airtime. The award will be paid after the D module flying is completed and the receipts have been submitted. If 50% of the costs of the flying for the D module are less than £500, the trust will reimburse receipted flying for earlier parts of the instructor training up to the total of £500.]

There are two deadlines for applications:

24th of December, 2020 (by midnight), and

28th of February, 2021 (by midnight)

To encourage and support pilots to start the instructor training early, a number of Ted Lys awards will be made in early January for suitable applications received before midnight Christmas Eve. Any applications made before Christmas that are not awarded to will be carried forward and considered with applications received after the first deadline.

Award recipients will be asked to submit photographs and write a brief report of their activity and the benefits they have gained, with a view to encouraging further participation and help with fund raising.

How to apply

Download and complete a Ted Lys awards application form

Please submit your completed application and any queries to launchpoint.tl@gmail.com