Ted Lys Award – Application

Ted Lys, was a well known UK glider pilot who competed in UK National Championships, and in European Championships as a member of the British Team, from the early 1970s until his untimely death in 1998. His wife Krystyna and their daughter Karen established a Trust in his memory.

The aims of the Trust were to help UK based pilots to make a rapid advance towards fulfilling personal aspirations in cross-country gliding. Awards were made in the form of invitations to coaching events which were arranged by and for the Trust.

In 2017, the Ted Lys Awards were incorporated into “Launchpoint” (a charitable trust which supports British Gliding) together with the Caroline Awards. The scope of the Ted Lys awards has been broadened to include development in any sphere of gliding.

Awards will be in the form of bursaries towards the costs of coaching and development activities. Acceptable activities will normally include structured training & coaching under the auspices of a club or other training organisation.

Applications are invited from individuals and groups, including clubs. While past awards have been focussed on cross-country, competition, & mountain flying, proposals for any other aspect of gliding will now also be eligible.

Reflecting the pattern of past awards where recipients attended coaching events together with fellow Ted Lys award recipients, The Trust will be particularly interested in proposals for group participation or specifically organised coaching events.

The awards operate on an annual cycle with a fixed number of awards each year decided during the autumn & winter for activities taking place in the following gliding season. See website for dates.

Recipients will be asked to write a brief report of their activity and the benefits they have gained, with a view to encouraging further participation and help with fund raising.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete a Ted Lys awards application form
  2. Submit your completed application to the email address stated on the application form
  3. Please note the current closing date of 31st January 2022


Ted Lys Award enquiries can be submitted to launchpoint.tl@gmail.com