Gliding Operations

Club gliding operations include any flying related activity that takes place from a gliding club. Clubs and pilots manage their unique operational needs under existing law and BGA guidance.

The operation of sailplanes is regulated by the Part Sailplane Air Operations (Part-SAO) rules. Our Laws and Rules webpage provides a link.

Whilst keeping it fun, the BGA Safety Management System manual describes how clubs should ensure that as far as reasonably practicable an integrated approach to all operating standards is achieved and that all necessary regulatory and legal requirements are satisfied.

The BGA publication ‘Managing Flying Risk’ includes several topics relevant to gliding operations, including supervision.

‘Any Gliding Club’ Operations Manual

To support clubs in documenting how that is delivered at their club, the BGA provides an ‘Any Gliding Club Operations Manual‘ template as a Word document. Use of the template is optional.

Referring to source information reduces the opportunity for errors including outdated information. Links to published information are embedded in the template to highlight available resources and to minimise the need to republish information. In much the same way, it may be helpful to use links to existing information on the club website.

It should be noted that the more pages and text in a Club Operations Manual, the less chance there is of it being read and absorbed. Getting the balance right is not easy.

To assist and encourage members to easily access what is essential information, clubs may wish to consider publishing their Club Operations Manual as a webpage.

Access the 'Any Gliding Club Operations Manual' template here

Safe Aerotowing

Pilot guidance and resources for safe aerotowing

Guidance on operating tugs and operating tug aircraft

Safe Winch Launching

Pilot resources available as part of the ongoing BGA Safe Winch Launching Initiative.


Access to accurate information about the weather is important for safe gliding operations. There are a large number of free and paid-for sources of useful weather information. We’ve linked to some of the free sources.