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TNS 3-2015 Published

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The latest BGA Technical News Sheet has been published.  Club Technical Officers and BGA Inspectors have received a copy by EMail but others can access it (and past TNS) via the library.

Airworthiness Directive - Scheibe SF25C Powered Sailplanes

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EASA has issued EAD 2015-0200-E applicable to Scheibe SF25C powered sailplanes with a Rotax 914 F3 engine. The AD requires a before next flight (and repetitive) inspection and, where cracks are found, replacement of the exhaust end-pipe in accordance with the instructions of Scheibe TM/SB 653-94. The Scheibe web site…

UPDATED Airworthiness Directive - Duo Discus and Nimbus 4

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EASA has issued an update to AD 2015-0139 (AD 2015-0139R1) which calls for inspection of the airbrake bellcrank, drive funnels and control system in accordance with Revision 1 of Schempp-Hirth Technical Notices TN 380-2, TN 396-17, TN 868-22 or TN 890-14, as applicable. Inspection is required within 40 days and,…

Standard Changes and Repairs

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EASA has published CS-STAN (Standard Changes and Repairs). This allows a simpler process for the design and embodiment of some changes and repairs to certain aircraft, including most sailplanes, and follows helpful engagement with the sailplane community including the BGA. Some changes to BGA airworthiness publications will result.

Light Part-M

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EASA has published NPA 2015-08 Light Part-M and this is now open for consultation on the EASA web site. This is one of a number of moves from EASA aimed at more proportionate regulation for the lighter end of the general aviation community (see also the CS-STAN item below). The…

Schleicher Wooden Gliders

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In recent months during inspections we have found significant evidence of glue failure in fins and elevators of some Schleicher wooden gliders built with Kaurit glues. One elevator fell off on a “DI” and on the other glider the fin came apart when removed from the glider to fix corrosion…

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