Club Development


One of the BGA’s core aims is to support the development of gliding clubs. A Development sub-Committee facilitates expert advice and guidance for clubs across a wide scope including child protection, general club management, planning, site security, aerodrome safeguarding, funding, and other issues.

Aerodrome Safeguarding

Official safeguarding is only available for licensed aerodromes. The BGA provides procedures which a club should go through in order to obtain non-official aerodrome safeguarding and to provide some planning protection against the building of nearby obstructions or the development of activities which would threaten safe operations from the airfield.


The BGA Project Planning and Funding Guide is an excellent source of information. The BGA Planning and Environment Fund is a fund established and funded by the BGA to assist clubs which are at risk in the context of planning, environmental or similar developments and may need financial help to fight legal challenges or to support a complex planning application or appeal. The Philip Wills Memorial Fund,  which is managed by a board of trustees independently of the BGA, provides low interest loans for club development projects.

Junior Gliding Centres

Providing the right environment for young people in gliding encourages participation. The Junior Gliding Centre (JGC) scheme aims to help clubs to appropriately support their young pilots. Any BGA club that meets the required criteria can be accredited as a BGA Junior Gliding Centre (JGC). These links may be helpful;

Becoming a Junior Gliding Centre

Policy documents

BGA sample policy documents are provided to assist clubs in ensuring that they have in place the necessary policies tailored for their own particular situation.

Sample policy documents are available here.


Clubs are connected to some aspects of BGA support through a regional structure. For example, each region has a highly experienced Senior Regional Examiner and team of coaches and examiners who on request can provide support to CFI’s, club safety officers, and to club committees.

The BGA Regions are described here.


Ultimately VAT and tax is a complex topic and clubs should seek professional advice. Please also remember rules regarding VAT and tax do change so please ensure that you get up to date advice.

Sport England Club Matters includes this excellent VAT guidance. You may need to register on the website to access the download.

The HMRC website also contains lots of useful advice. VAT Notice 700 is a good starting point.

Other Information

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Data protection 

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Income generation – Clubmatters guidance

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Raising money through crowdfunding

Philip Wills Memorial Fund





Child protection and safeguarding

Junior Gliding Centre resources and documents

Becoming a Junior Gliding Centre

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